Clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology is a branch of laboratory medicine dealing with the examination of the body fluids and tissues with the use of various chemical, microscopic and bacteriological methods. Sounds complicated, right? Here are some of my tips to survive the beginning of your journey:

  • Get rid of blood and needle phobia. If you’re too lucky to get MT13 for the first semester, then brace yourself. MT13 is more on Phlebotomy where you have to grab a lab partner and start withdrawing blood with each other. Believe it or not, most of us, even us the upper class, are afraid of needles but we have to get rid of that stereotype because you might be probably wondering why your name is on the ‘advised to shift’ list.
  • Don’t pressure yourself. It is expected that Clinical Laboratory Science is a tough field. Most of the professors especially from biological sciences are feared since they will really put you in an autoclave-like (high pressure and high temperature) pre-med life. Time management is the only key to overcome the stress. The only thing you have to do is to start your tasks ahead of time and do advanced study if you have free-time but be sure to have time for leisure and relaxation as well. MANAGE YOUR TIME PROPERLY.
  • Be patient. Medical Technology will really tempt you to become ill-tempered especially when you’re stressing yourself too much on paperwork. Keep in mind that the foremost attitude of a medical technologist is being patient. Do you expect to pass MedTech and do laboratory tests well in the future if you, yourself can’t even show patience to your paperwork and homeworks? NO. So, keep smiling to have dimples instead of having wrinkles. It’s the best way to exercise your zygomaticus muscle too 🙂
  • Be kind and respectful to our department especially in Biological Science department. You’ll find out that soon. LOL!

Just love your Pre-Med life and have fun! We also have exciting activities prepared by the Medical Technology Society Officers to show that we just don’t stay inside the laboratory performing complicated laboratory tests and befriend microorganisms but we also need leisure too, you know. haha. Good luck! 🙂


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