Med Life: Think of your specialty!

Hearing kids saying that they want to become medical doctors someday really softens my heart. I’ve been dreaming to become a medical doctor since I was a kid. Well actually, I once dreamed on getting a chemistry degree but my heart told me to choose the medical career. Chemistry is fun and cool which kids usually think of mad scientists hysterically mixing explosive substances or concoctions or whatever… but my heart keeps telling me to choose a med-related undergraduate. I followed what my heart told me and currently taking up Clinical Laboratory Science at Silliman University Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. To make it clearer, I’m taking up Laboratory Medicine and Basic Pathology. I now already achieved a part of my dream but it’s still not the endpoint to stop my medical career. The foremost goal of my dream is to get a specialty.

Teka lang. Notice nyo? English peg ko ngayon! Chos!

Thinking of a specialty you’re planning to grab is not easy. You really have to put your heart on a specific field na keri-keri at love mo. Hindi yan pilit-pilit na lang kasi yan gusto parents mo. Do you expect to become a better doctor in such field you’re taking up even you don’t like? Nasa sa ‘yo ang kasagutan, if kaya mo then PUSH mo! chos. In my case, it’s not my peg.

Dahil sa ka echosera ko before na feel to the highest level na ang ambition, I was caught in confusion sa Cardiology, Neurology, Pathology, Pediatrics, and even Obstetrics and Gynecology. (nobody cares…. hahaha! walang hiya. ganda nyo lang! haha)

I changed my mind on not pursuing Cardiology kasi I can’t withstand Cardiac System in our Anatomy Class! ang hirap kaya ng heart akala ‘nyo easy lang. pag-ibig lang kasi alam ‘nyo. CHAROT! Neurology? don’t think about it. baka utak ko mismo ang masira haha! How about Ob/Gyne? Di ko peg yan. Mga notches gusto ko. CHOS!! Pero seryoso, maganda din kaya Obstetrics and Gynecology pero di ko lang talaga peg.

Dumating na ang inaabangan kong desisyon sa buhay (chos). I go for Internal Medicine with Infectious Diseases as my subspecialty. (sa dami-daming ka echosan, nandyan lang pala yan. haha!)

As for my advice to those who are planning to take up Pre-Med & Med, plan ahead of your specialty that best suites you. Make sure it’s the right field your heart tells you. If it is your best choice, wag ka nang patumpik-tumpik pa! BOMKARAKARAKA!




One thought on “Med Life: Think of your specialty!

  1. There is a lot of ennui in the field of Ob/Gyn medicine.. Dr. David Toms discusses this at length on his website

    I’m not personally in Ob/Gyn, but I do study ultrasound. In talking with many Ob/Gyn, I find that many are very unknowing about the relative risks prenatal sonography (not to harp on this subject, but it’s what I know and what I do). Fetal development is an extremely delicate time. It is so important that the practitioners in the field proactively seek more knowledge about these things.

    If you are indeed interested in pursuing Ob/Gyn, be open minded and willing to learn past the call of duty.. practice is a business, but I believe individuals are the most important cog.. the fate of future generations rests in those hands, not the bureaucrats who run the machine πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

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