Interview 101

Vincent Raven Recentes Sarande or mostly called by his nickname ‘Bench’ is a current 2nd Year Medical Technology student in Silliman University Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. He has been judged as one of those fierce bitches who Massie Blocks or Regina George hangs out with or probably be the next Anna Wintour, but as we continued to learn more about his passion and life, we realized that he’s the funny guy who you really want to hang out with.

Your course is one of the toughest fields, did you pick and decided it by your own?

My parents let me chose any undergraduate course and I came up with two choices, which one of them have sub choices: Bachelor of Business Administration-Marketing Management, and a Science course which composed of Chemical Engineering, BS Biochemistry, BS Chem and BS Clinical Laboratory Science or MedTech. I asked myself at that time on what I want to to be in the future, and I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. As a result, I chose BS Clinical Laboratory Science. pareho lang din naman yan eh. Science.

You’re widely known because of your humor and silliness, are you confident with your sexual preference?

Of course! I’m not closeted. I stick with my sexual preference since I was in preschool and it never felt me awkward about it.

Have you ever dated anyone?

Haha! The answer is nope. I am totally single and not yet ready to mingle haha! You know, being a MedTech student is very busy. We live with our daily hectic schedule, so I guess I don’t have to indulge myself in a relationship yet. I pity my boyfriend if ever I have one haha!

You’re saying that Pre-Med life is hectic, are you a geek, brainy, or a well-cultured type of a person?

I’m a nerd, geeky or whatever you call us. haha! I’ve been reading Science books when I was in pre-school until to now. I joined Science Quiz bowls when I was in elementary and high school. I was even the Chemistry Club president in my high school days. I am proud to say that I was the lead researcher in the study ‘Antibacterial Property of Charcoal from Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) Stems’ way back in high school since I went to a DOST-affiliated school. I love Biological Sciences and Chemistry. Aside from that, I’m also a pianist and a violinist. I started playing the piano when I was 6 until I graduated piano course when I was in high school. You see, I went to school at daytime then I’m a piano student at night. 🙂

Do you also like things that are less geeky in concept?

I love fashion. I guess it’s the only thing that hides me from being judged as a geek. I enjoy reading Vogue Magazine and other fashion mag. People often misjudge me as one of those cool kids or socialites like in Gossip Girl show, than being a geek, since I mostly hang out with ‘popular’ students around the campus. I don’t see that in myself.

Are you active in any student activities in your university?

It depends. haha! Sometimes, I don’t want to do things when laziness strikes me. The feeling is mutual. I actually ran for presidency for the Silliman University Medical Technology Society. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position but I was elected as the 2nd Year Level President of the said society. I’m also part of the Health Committee under the SU Student Government Executive Committee.

Do you hang out with any kind of people in your school?

No. Not being aloof or maarte, but in the sense that I don’t hangout with people who are obviously have bad intentions or influences. I mostly hang out with my classmates and anyone I know and I really love to go with people who are good and has a sense of humor. I laugh most of the time kasi eh.

What are your plans in the future?

Plans. I’m good in planning and I always plan things ahead of time. I’m planning to take up Medicine after my undergraduate. Build a Clinical Laboratory and a community hospital, build a school for unfortunate kids, and establish a charity foundation.

I read somewhere you are an entrepreneur as well, what motivates you to do business and what kind of business do you usually do?

My mom is a businesswoman. From her undergraduate until she graduated Masters in Business Administration. I guess her genes were passed to me. I’m an independent person. At times, nahihiya ako if I always ask for money from my parents, so what I usually do is to generate money by my own. I usually do small merchandising business, hindi naman yung big businesses like what my parents have. It’s always good to start in humble beginnings.

What kind of job did you dream when you were a kid?

Marami! haha! I dreamed about becoming a virtuoso pianist someday, a chief justice, a journalist, a fashion designer, a chief executive, but what’s on my heart is that I wanted to become a medical doctor.

What do you want to specialize in the future?

Internal Medicine – Infectious Diseases.

Who are your favorite music artists?

If the genre is classical, definitely Rachmaninoff.

If any kind of song genre; The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Orange and Lemons/KENYO, Rey Valera, Parokya ni Edgar, Itchyworms, and The Eraserheads.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Sebastian Castro *smiles*

As a self-confessed geek, which of the two do you prefer: Apple or BlackBerry?

I’m using both but I usually hang out with my iPhone.

You have a good taste. Describe your bedroom.

I’m particular with relaxation and aura so, walls are light blue. The room is well-illuminated with a chandelier and wall lamps. My cupboards and bookshelves are ivory white, I have a wood-tile flooring, a bookshelf that overheads my headboard, and I also have sliding glass door that exits me to the veranda. Victorian style lang peg nya.  Victorian style kasi ang inside ng bahay ng parents ko. ganon lang.

Any recent memorable experience?

Yes! Dream came true nga eh! I gigged with the Orange and Lemons/KENYO on the stage last Friday during the University Party. They serenaded me + nagpapa Dawn Zulueta yung vocalist na si Mcoy Fundales sa akin. haha! I even ‘nose-to-nose’-ed him! haha! fun stuff! I’m a fan since I was in elementary and I didn’t expect na ma-meet ko sila in the future.


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