Overall Summer Blog: Ang Pagsasara ng Yugto. Choz!

Ola! Medyo busy na ang buhay ko ngayon dahil balik-aral foundation na aketch. chos! Pero wag magkarakaraka coz I’m still in the right path baby, I was born this way… MAG BLOG! Charot! haha! Deins ko pa rin pababayaan ang blog ko kahit magkakamatayan na kami sa mundo ng medisina. char!

I just wanna share you my 2013 summer experience. Kahit hindi gaanong ka enjoy because of my 1-month summer class, bet na bet pa rin ang summer ko. Sa totoo lang, deins ko alam where magstart sa aking chika! haha! choz. okay, start tayo sa summer school…

My summer school experience was fun. Actually, 1 month lang siya.. It started from April 10 til May 18. Even though I was facing very thick books at that time (mas makapal pa sa funda ko haha!), enjoy din naman. My family was actually having a vacation/island hopping without me, pero di ko yun iniinggitan. Ganda lang nila! haha! Beach outing din kaya ako with friends 🙂 you know, pampawala ng stress na achieved-achieved ko sa kagagawa ng thesis paper ko. Alam naman natin na ayokong ma disbeauty haha! Paano na yung brain pag walang beauty? CHOZ! Basta, yun na yun.. My best summer school ganapan was the oral defense, kahit bombard ng bombard ng questions ang panel sa akin, para lang akong nag yoga! haha!! Pagkatapos ng ganapan, umuwi na ako sa bahay. Take note, I’m not living in the same place I’m having my education. Malayo pa sa Peru yung sa amin! haha!

After that, umuwi na ako. haha! had a family reunion sa balur with maraming lafur! I actually stayed for 3 weeks lang sa amin kasi balik-aral foundation after that. nakakasad. 😦 Had my grandma and grandpa’s death anniversary last weekend. It’s so good talaga when you’re with your family while habhaban ng lafur. Complete na yung summer 2013 ko. Family  reunion, sleepover, business meetings, then chikahan, blog, chikahan na naman, notches, chikahan, notches. CHOS! Miss ko lang talaga boyfriend ko. haha!

Actually, I’m back na dito sa university namin. American life na naman ako 😦 balik-aral, balik-sulat, balik-make up (CHOZ!), balik-boys, balik-notches (HOY!), balik-tulog sa klase, balik-chikahan! haha!

Will update you more about my current academic ganapan mga teh! Balik-aral kasi si doctora! haha! Pramis!




Med Life: Think of your specialty!

Hearing kids saying that they want to become medical doctors someday really softens my heart. I’ve been dreaming to become a medical doctor since I was a kid. Well actually, I once dreamed on getting a chemistry degree but my heart told me to choose the medical career. Chemistry is fun and cool which kids usually think of mad scientists hysterically mixing explosive substances or concoctions or whatever… but my heart keeps telling me to choose a med-related undergraduate. I followed what my heart told me and currently taking up Clinical Laboratory Science at Silliman University Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. To make it clearer, I’m taking up Laboratory Medicine and Basic Pathology. I now already achieved a part of my dream but it’s still not the endpoint to stop my medical career. The foremost goal of my dream is to get a specialty.

Teka lang. Notice nyo? English peg ko ngayon! Chos!

Thinking of a specialty you’re planning to grab is not easy. You really have to put your heart on a specific field na keri-keri at love mo. Hindi yan pilit-pilit na lang kasi yan gusto parents mo. Do you expect to become a better doctor in such field you’re taking up even you don’t like? Nasa sa ‘yo ang kasagutan, if kaya mo then PUSH mo! chos. In my case, it’s not my peg.

Dahil sa ka echosera ko before na feel to the highest level na ang ambition, I was caught in confusion sa Cardiology, Neurology, Pathology, Pediatrics, and even Obstetrics and Gynecology. (nobody cares…. hahaha! walang hiya. ganda nyo lang! haha)

I changed my mind on not pursuing Cardiology kasi I can’t withstand Cardiac System in our Anatomy Class! ang hirap kaya ng heart akala ‘nyo easy lang. pag-ibig lang kasi alam ‘nyo. CHAROT! Neurology? don’t think about it. baka utak ko mismo ang masira haha! How about Ob/Gyne? Di ko peg yan. Mga notches gusto ko. CHOS!! Pero seryoso, maganda din kaya Obstetrics and Gynecology pero di ko lang talaga peg.

Dumating na ang inaabangan kong desisyon sa buhay (chos). I go for Internal Medicine with Infectious Diseases as my subspecialty. (sa dami-daming ka echosan, nandyan lang pala yan. haha!)

As for my advice to those who are planning to take up Pre-Med & Med, plan ahead of your specialty that best suites you. Make sure it’s the right field your heart tells you. If it is your best choice, wag ka nang patumpik-tumpik pa! BOMKARAKARAKA!




Clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology is a branch of laboratory medicine dealing with the examination of the body fluids and tissues with the use of various chemical, microscopic and bacteriological methods. Sounds complicated, right? Here are some of my tips to survive the beginning of your journey:

  • Get rid of blood and needle phobia. If you’re too lucky to get MT13 for the first semester, then brace yourself. MT13 is more on Phlebotomy where you have to grab a lab partner and start withdrawing blood with each other. Believe it or not, most of us, even us the upper class, are afraid of needles but we have to get rid of that stereotype because you might be probably wondering why your name is on the ‘advised to shift’ list.
  • Don’t pressure yourself. It is expected that Clinical Laboratory Science is a tough field. Most of the professors especially from biological sciences are feared since they will really put you in an autoclave-like (high pressure and high temperature) pre-med life. Time management is the only key to overcome the stress. The only thing you have to do is to start your tasks ahead of time and do advanced study if you have free-time but be sure to have time for leisure and relaxation as well. MANAGE YOUR TIME PROPERLY.
  • Be patient. Medical Technology will really tempt you to become ill-tempered especially when you’re stressing yourself too much on paperwork. Keep in mind that the foremost attitude of a medical technologist is being patient. Do you expect to pass MedTech and do laboratory tests well in the future if you, yourself can’t even show patience to your paperwork and homeworks? NO. So, keep smiling to have dimples instead of having wrinkles. It’s the best way to exercise your zygomaticus muscle too 🙂
  • Be kind and respectful to our department especially in Biological Science department. You’ll find out that soon. LOL!

Just love your Pre-Med life and have fun! We also have exciting activities prepared by the Medical Technology Society Officers to show that we just don’t stay inside the laboratory performing complicated laboratory tests and befriend microorganisms but we also need leisure too, you know. haha. Good luck! 🙂